Digital marketing case study is very important to us because we can not understand how we can create our marketing plan without any case study.

When we have a case study, we can do better preparation in our digital marketing as well as at the same time we can do good marketing planning at the minimum cost. case study helps us to increase our experience in the future, not just for the present. 

Digital marketing case studies. Every marketer. Can learn form.

Maggi Full Case Study

There are Lots Of Reason The success Of Maggi 

  • Maggi Regain Its Brand Value
  • Maggi Advertisements
  • Maggi Social Media Contes

    And Lots Of Reason To Get Top Position in The Market and maggi also completed 37 years successfully.

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Digital marketing case studies every marketer can learn form.

PSIT Full Case Study

The Best Engineering college in All Uttar Pradesh 

  • College Objectives
  • Campaign Structure
  • Campaigns Objectives

And Lots Of Reason To Reach Maximum People In India.

 Know Full Case Study the Reason Of Success. DOWNLOAD FULL CASE STUDY FOR FREE


Reason of Failure NANO

  • Wrong Positioning
  • Negative Earned Marketing
  • Ineffective marketing after fire in nano incident
Nano car Full case study.



  • Founded In: 2014
  • Revenue: $6 Million
  • Founded By: Vinay Singhal and 2 other co-founders
  • India’s first viral content website, 250 Million Page Views/Month
witty feed Full case study.
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