Top 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Kanpur

If you are searching for the top 5 digital marketing course in Kanpur and want to get information about it, then you have come to the right place. Digital marketing is such an area where consumers, housewives, business owners, job seekers and entrepreneurs etc. are growing their business or career with the help of digital marketing.

Digital marketing is a broad field which includes various subjects. With the changing times, new job opportunities are emerging in this industry.

    In today’s article, we are going to tire you with all the detailed information about the top five courses in Kanpur, but before that, first of all we will share some general information about digital marketing:

    What Is Digital Market

    Digital marketing means such marketing which is done through the medium of internet. According to the present times, marketing through the medium of the internet is very beneficial and effective.

    Importance of digital marketing course in Kanpur in Today’s Business Scenario

    In today’s business scenario, digital marketing is very important. Now digital marketing is not just an option for business but it has become a necessity. Everyone wants to grow their business, hence it is very important to be online in today’s time. yes it has been said.

    Role of Digital Marketing Course in Career 

    Those who want to choose a career in digital marketing can make a better choice in digital marketing. 

    The demand for knowledge of digital marketing has increased the popularity of digital marketing courses. By learning the skills by doing a digital marketing course, people are making their career in the field. By doing this course, you can do any kind of job as per your interest or can advance or take up your business.

    If you want to make your career in digital marketing and want to do a digital marketing course then it is important for you to know what are the topics or modules that you will be covered during the course.

    1. SMM

    Through SMM (social media marketing) you will learn how through social media you can take a company online and do branding and marketing of the company through it.

    2. SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process that works to rank the website in Google. So there is a lot of demand for SEO specialists in the market.

    3. Website Development

    In digital marketing courses, how a website is created, how changes are made in it etc you are taught under website development.

    4. Google AdWords

    In this model one is taught to run campaigns on Google, YouTube, Instagram etc. This is paid.

    5. Graphic Designing

    Graphic designing is a skill which is very important in digital marketing. Graphic designer is required in every field.

    6. Video Editing

    Video editing is a topic about which one needs to have a little knowledge but by learning it well one can become a video editor.

    7. Freelancing

    What is the type of freelancing under digital marketing course? Which steps should be followed are explained in detail.

    8. Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing is a method of online earning through which online earning is done.

    Above are some important modules which you will get to learn during a digital marketing course. But not only here, apart from these many other topics like email marketing, content writing, WhatsApp automation, blogging etc are taught to you.

    After knowing so much about digital marketing, the next question arises: if you want to learn these digital marketing courses in Kanpur, where will you learn it? So let me tell you about the top 5 digital marketing courses in Kanpur with complete knowledge.

    Detailed Information of Best 5 Digital Marketing Courses in Kanpur

    Friends, here I am telling you in detail about the best digital marketing courses in Kanpur. With these you can learn admission and digital marketing anywhere as per your comfort and choice.

    List of Top 5 Digital Marketing Institutes In Kanpur 
    Sr. no.Name Contact Details 
    1Rank Keywords Phone: +91 8887599932Email address –
    2Digiskolae Phone: +91 9519000321Email address –
    3Digital Savera Phone: +91 8574716196Email Address –
    4IIDEPhone: +91 9619958615Email address –
    5KP Digital WorldPhone: +91 9336198980Email address –
    Digital Marketing Institutes List

    Rank Keywords 

    Rank Keywords Logo


    Rank Keywords is Kanpur’s top number 1 digital marketing institute. Rank Keywords was founded by Abhishek Singh Bhadauria. Since its inception, Rank Keywords group has traveled till now to become the top digital marketing institute in Kanpur through its digital marketing courses. Rank keyword is the pioneer of digital marketing in Kanpur. The objective of this institute is to develop skills and eliminate unemployment. Judge with Rank Keywords Which student has made his career in digital marketing.

    1. Digital Marketing –
    • 24 modules
    • 30 + case study
    • 100 + tools
    • 50 + Ways to earn money online
    • Work on live projects
    1. Graphics Designing – 
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Corel draw
    • Adobe in design
    • Adobe premiere
    • Filmora
    • Sony Vegas
    1. Soft Skills Training – 
    • Personality development
    • Spoken English
    • Interview preparation
    • CD preparation
    Student’s review during the course


    • Kanpur
    • Lucknow
    • Sultanpur
    • Basti
    • Bareilly
    • Noida
    • Chitrakoot

    Online & offline classes are available.

    Rank Keywords's student review
    Awarded by PSIT for leading digital marketing course in Kanpur

    Certificate and Other Facilities – 

    1. 5 +  certificates (certificate from Google and Facebook, 4 more)
    2. Classes by industry experts
    3. 100% placement assistance
    4. Doubt clearing classes
    5. Internship

    Duration – 03 months

    Fees – ₹32,000 

    For more information

    contact: +91 88875 999 32

    Email address –

    Address – Near silver spoon model Town kakadeo, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 



    Digiskolae Logo

    Digiskolae in Kanpur is considered a premier institute for comprehensive study of digital marketing. Their priority is to provide a unique experience that helps people gain practical exposure to the latest trends in the innovative industry. Under the guidance of their experiences and professionals, you will receive personalized guidance and insight at every step of your education journey.

    Digiskolae Review

    Courses – 

    • Introduction to digital marketing
    • Market research using Google forms
    • Graphic designing
    • Video creation and editing
    • Introduction to world wide web and website
    • Expertise in different website builders
    • E-commerce website designing
    • Expertzing landing pages
    • Creating landing pages
    • Email
    • Introduction to email marketing
    • Introduction to search engine optimization
    • On page SEO
    • Off page SEO
    • Local SEO
    • Technical SEO
    • Google search console
    • Google analytics
    • Bing webMaster tool
    • Mobile marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • YouTube marketing
    • Search engine marketing
    • Advanced graphic design using photoshop
    • Advance social media marketing

    Duration – 5 months

    Contact: + 91 95 19 000 321

    Email address –

    Digital Savera 

    Digital Savera logo

    It is also a leading digital marketing training provider in Kanpur. This is a youth institute which aims to provide objective digital marketing training and has also increased its sales with digital marketing training.

    Courses –

    • Social media marketing
    • Search engine optimization
    • Search engine marketing
    • Google AdSense
    • Blogging
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Freelancing
    Digital Savera review

    Duration – 03 to 04 months

    Contact: +91 85 7471 61 96

    Email Address –


    IIDE logo

    IIDE is also an expert in digital marketing courses. They provide digital marketing courses in Kanpur. After giving training to many students, he is engaged in the mission of bringing digital transformation. IIDE is one of the best digital marketing institute in Kanpur which provides placement assistant.

    Courses –

    • Introduction to digital marketing
    • Website planning and e-commerce development
    • Search marketing and blogging
    • Creating marketing content and campaign planning
    • Organic social media marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Brand reputation management
    • Media planning, buying and optimization
    • Analytics and reporting
    • Project and mentoring
    • Management and soft skills
    IIDE reviews

    Duration – 04 months

    Contact: +91 96 199 586 15

    Email address –

    KP Digital World 

    KP Digital World logo

    KP digital world is one of the best digital marketing companies in Kanpur approved by NSIC. KP digital world team provides amazing marketing solutions for search engine optimization, social media marketing, graphics designing, pay per click, search engine marketing.

    Courses –

    • Search engine optimization
    • Search engine marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Website development
    • Facebook ads manager
    • YouTube marketing
    • Blogging
    • Freelancing
    KP Digital World reviews

    Duration – 04 to 06 months

    Contact: +91 933 619 8980

    Email address –

    Conclusion – 

    Thus, it can be seen that digital marketing is such a career option where anyone can do the job. If you want to do digital marketing course online or offline in Kanpur, you can take admission in any of the above institutes and grow your career.


    Q.1 Which qualification is required for digital marketing?

    Digital marketing course does not require any special degree, anyone can learn digital marketing.

    Q.2 Can I learn digital marketing in 1 month?

    Although this is not possible, one has to spend time to achieve mastery in digital marketing.

    Q.3 What is the cost of digital marketing course?

    The cost of digital marketing can range from Rs 25000 to Rs 50000, depending on different institutes.

    Q.4 Is digital marketing a good job?

    Yes, there are very good job opportunities in digital marketing.

    Q.5 What is the age limit for digital marketing ?

    There is no further limit, any person can learn digital marketing.

    Q.6 How do I study digital marketing?

    You can join any online or offline course to study digital marketing.

    Q.7How many months is the digital marketing course?

    The duration of this course is generally 3 to 6 months.

    Q.8 What is digital marketing syllabus?

    Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization, Website Development, Email Marketing and many more.

    Q.9 Is digital marketing a stressful job?

    It depends on your job role.

    Q.10 Can I learn digital marketing with no experience?

    Experience is not required to learn digital marketing. Beginners can learn digital marketing.

    Q.11 Can a fresher learn digital marketing?

    Yes, freshers can also do this course.

    Q.12 Can I learn digital marketing from YouTube?

    There are many digital marketing courses and tutorials available on YouTube.

    Q.13 Can I do digital marketing from home?

    Yes, you can do your according work from home or office work.

    Q.14 What is a digital marketer job?

    A digital marketer promotes products or services online.

    Q.15 Is digital marketing salary good?

    Salary depends on your job role, hard work, location and experience.

    Q.16 Can I get job after digital marketing?

    There are many opportunities for digital marketing jobs in the market.

    Q.17 Can I earn money from digital marketing?

    Yes, you can earn through digital marketing.

    Q.18 Can girls do digital marketing?

    Anyone, whether male or female, can do digital marketing course.

    Q.19 Do I need computer knowledge for digital marketing?

    Yes, basic knowledge of computer is important.

    Q.20 Can I learn digital marketing at 40 ?

    You can learn digital marketing even at the age of 40.

    Q.21 Can a 12th pass do digital marketing? 

    12th pass students can learn digital marketing.

    Q.22 Can a student do digital marketing?

    Students can learn digital marketing.

    Q.23 How do I start a career in digital marketing?

    To start a career in digital marketing, one should learn digital marketing and gain practical experience.

    Q.24 Can we do digital marketing from phone?

    Yes, digital marketing can be done through the phone.

    Q.25 Do we need laptop for learning digital marketing?

    Working on a laptop is not necessary but it is helpful.

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